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Area Rug Repair Toronto

Toronto's Best Rated Carpet & Rug Repairs

  • Canada's Largest Rug Repair Shop
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Pickup & Delivery Across Ontario


Largest Rug Repair Shop in Toronto and Southern Ontario

In many situations your area rug or carpet may be permanently damaged due to factors like: discoloration, burns, and daily wear and tear. In these situations rug cleaning may not solve the problem, and rug repair might be necessary.

At Love Your Rug, our team of rug repair technicians has been repairing area rugs since 1987 and we house some of the most talented rug repair technicians and equipment in Canada.

We offer Satisfaction Guaranteed Carpet & Rug Repairs in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Ottawa and all of Southern Ontario.

Carpet Repair Toronto
rug cleaning repair guarantee
Carpet Repair Toronto
Rug Repair Services

Professional Rug Repairs

Our specialty rug repairs include: Oriental rug repair, Persian rug repair, silk rug repair, wool rug repair, synthetic rug repair and sheepskin rug repair. However we also repair machine made rugs and all other types of area rugs and carpets.

Area Rug Re-fringing
Area Rug Re-Fringing

Rug and Carpet fringes may become damaged over time, through normal wear and tear. If this happens to your favorite rug, we have the ability to replace the fringes for you. All work is done on the premises by our experienced tailors. You can select from a range of fringe types that better suits your rug. Many of our customers choose to upgrade to better quality fringes for the same price. Our work is 100% guaranteed.

Area Rug Cutting and Binding
Rug Cutting and Binding

When industrial rugs need to fit a unique area in your home or office, you will love our rug cutting and binding services. We will cut and bind the carpet to any shape you need. Our tailor will carefully pattern and cut your carpet according to your measurements, by hand. The edges are bound with a synthetic border and securely sewn all around by machine. Make shorter carpet runners for the office or unique-shaped carpeting for the basement by re-using good carpeting.

Oriental and Persian rug resurging
Area Rug Resurging

When the outside edges of your area rug are wearing out or unraveling, the rug will require resurging. Resurging is a process where the threading is carefully selected for colour and type by our tailor and woven by machine into the edge of your rug. The new threading reinforces and preserves the rug's foundation and keeps the knots from unraveling.

Area Rug Cleaning Toronto
Area Rug Cleaning

Love Your Rug specializes in professional area rug cleaning services using state of the art rug cleaning equipment and technology. Our 3 step rug cleaning process includes; Dusting, Cleaning and Drying to ensure the best possible cleaning of your area rug. Any tough stains that are not removed by our cleaning machines are manually removed using specially blended detergents and stain removal techniques.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee on Carpet & Rug Repair Services

At Love Your Rug our mission is to surpass customers' expectations in order to make sure they come back to us for all their future rug repair needs. In order to do this we have developed a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all our rug repair services. This ensures that your rug or carpet is repaired to the best of our abilities and that you are happy with our work


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Pickup & Delivery

  • We wil come to your premises and pickup your damaged rug(s)
  • We will bring it/them back repaired, fresh and clean within 7 days.
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Persian Sari rug that had sun damage

persian rug repair toronto
persian rug repair toronto
persian rug repair toronto
Area rug colour restoration in Toronto


Rug Colour Correction

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